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Company Directory

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Steve Hauser, AHC
Terry Krebs, AHC
President / Project Manager
Josh Hauser
Vice President / Project Manager
Shaun Cockerham
Project Manager / Salesperson
Terry Jones
Project Manager / Salesperson
Patty Ridings                          
Project Coordinator                                  

for Josh Hauser & Ginger Hutchens                       

                          Cathy Church                         
                                   Project Coordinator                               

                         for Terry Krebs, AHC                                          

 Jeff Schaaf  
Warehouse Manager
Ginger Hutchens
Project Manager / Sales,
Project Coordinator for Steve Hauser,

and Office & Systems Manager           

Dean Epperson
Hardware Manager
Todd Marinan
Hardware Associate
      Michelle Jefferson        
Receptionist & Accounts Payable

Julia Laster             

Accounts Receivable              

          Brenda Hauser

If you wish to send e-mail to an individual above, please click on their name.

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