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Lockset Functions

Non-Keyed Locks

Keyed Locks

Passage Latch - Both levers always unlocked. Entrance/Office Lock - Push-button locking.  Push-button locks outside lever until unlocked with key or by rotation inside lever.
Exit Lock - Blank plate outside.  Inside lever always unlocked.  Specify door thickness, 1 3/8" (35mm) or 1 3/4" (44mm). Entrance Lock - Turn/push-button locking: pushing and turning button locks outside lever requiring use of key until button is manually unlocked.  Push-button locking: pushing button locks outside lever until unlocked by key or by turning inside lever.
Bath/Bedroom Privacy Lock - Push-button locking.  Can be opened from outside with small screwdriver.  Turning inside lever or closing door releases button. Classroom Lock - Outside lever locked and unlocked by key.  Inside lever always unlocked.
Single Dummy Trim - For one side of door.  Used for door pull or as matching inactive trim. Storeroom Lock - Outside lever fixed.  Entrance by key only.  Inside lever always unlocked.
    Hotel/Motel Lock - Outside lever fixed.  Entrance by key only.  Push-button in inside lever activates visual occupancy indicator, allowing only emergency masterkey to operate.  Rotating inside lever or closing door releases visual occupancy indicator.  Rotation of inside spanner button provides lockout feature by keeping indicator thrown.

Door Handing

  • All Schlage locks are reversible. Hand information is necessary to ensure proper finish of latchbolt and strike for locks ordered that are to be installed on reverse bevel doors.  Follow the diagram below to correctly determine the hand of the door.

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